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Aug 6, Ascension is the process of personal awakening where your energy (It is likely that many who are not complete with the lessons of 3D life will choose to leave Perhaps a job that seemed comfortable for a while now feels . If you go to see a healer make sure they understand the ascension .. YouTube.
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I felt compelled to announce to the universe that I was through with all the limitations which have clouded my life. I asked my team of highest light and resonance to help me with this and to provide more tangible support and guidance.

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And then this appeared. Thank you!!! I love you Steve for the beautiful being you are that shares your divine essence with all that are willing to speak the powerful words of wisdom and guidance that comes from deep within you from the One Divine Infinite Source!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! We are Blessed to have you here inspiring us as we awaken and ascend!! I AM free. I Am Love.

I Am New Earth restored, vibrant, Alive, pulsating. As a free sovereign being I ask for a divine dispensation to dissolve anything in my energy fields that is working against me. I ask for and invoke assistance for an invincible shield to remove darks being from me. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. I activate the full power and resonance of my being. Everything Charlotte said. Thank you. This will be a daily read for me for awhile. Love you AllWayz Reply. I Am New Earth restored, vibrant, Alive, pulsating As a free sovereign being I ask for a divine dispensation to dissolve anything in my energy fields that is working against me.

I was thinking back on the presentation by keynote speaker Keni Thomas, one of the leaders of the 3rd Ranger Battalion immortalized in the book and movie, Blackhawk Down. The overarching message of his keynote was that leadership is all about the example you set.

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And it occurred to me that there is a difference between an extraordinary storyteller and someone who changes lives. Nor will they forget the lessons he shared, about standing the line and never leaving anyone behind, especially those who might appear to be a little slower or more challenged in their learning.

Thank you for your service Keni, not only on the battlefield but for all the people in the world you continue to touch and inspire. And finally All that being said…there is little I find more joyful and inspiring than being around really smart and creative people who are graciously willing to teach, coach, mentor and yes, be good friends.

Thanks to all for creating a stimulating and rewarding learning environment. Steve Coats, Certified Master of The Leadership Challenge, is managing partner and co-owner of International Leadership Associates, a leadership development education and consulting firm. Save the Tiger : Have you found meaning in your work? Another season. Harry Stoner, the main protagonist played by Academy Award-winning actor Jack Lemmon, is successful by most external measures yet is on the edge of ruin as he struggles to find significance, inspiration, and meaning in his life.

He wants more than just to survive. Indeed, he wants to be in love with something. A dog. A cat…something! What does that look like? They have to be able to articulate to others what the meaning is in the work that they do. Think of this as one of the first steps on the path to having a vision. Another year? Another season?

“Incels” are going under the knife to reshape their faces, and their dating prospects.

Leaders in the world of business often have trouble being visionaries within their organizations—and that often is a result of an inability to see meaning in their work. If your work simply represents a paycheck, it will no doubt mean no more than that to the people who report to you. I encourage you to find meaning in what you do.

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This article was originally published on LinkedIn Pulse. Research has shown that people are more likely to honor their commitments when they share them with others. Tell your manager, your coach or a close colleague what actions you intend to take and when you will take them.

Make an agreement to meet with that person at a certain time to review your progress. Kouzes and Barry Z. All rights reserved. As leaders, facilitators, or coaches, we all have some idea of the impact we can have on others. But our personal interactions with others—whether professionally or personally—can also be life-changing in the long term. This is a lesson that was brought home to me most recently during a memorial service for a long-ago colleague and friend. Originally from Australia, I currently live and work in the Middle East, in Dubai, but was back in my home-country after a protracted absence.

Although we hadn't been in regular contact, his partner emailed me to pass on the news and to ask if there was anyone from all those years ago who could speak at the service.

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It became clear my return was timely and I was very pleased to accept the honour myself. The heart-warming memorial service was held on a bleak, wintry day in my former hometown of Melbourne, attended by friends from his varied theatrical and television career. As I had also had a career in the television field as a producer of prime-time drama, I began my tribute by describing how I had first come to know our friend and colleague, when I was asked to take him on as a director.

Although I was more than a little reluctant at first, I came to see our friend for the exemplary leader he was, how over time he developed as a leader, the positive impact he had on those around him, and how he continually pushed his own creativity as well as the creativity of others. On reflection, much of what I spoke about during my tribute was how our mutual friend Modelled the Way and, as a result, how others developed a deep respect for him; how his attitude and what he spoke about inspired others and how he Challenged the Process—challenging himself and those around him to go higher, to deliver better results.

I told his gathered friends of the significant trust and respect that I developed with him, as his leader. After the service finished, I was approached by two former colleagues. It had been a long time since we worked together and even as they shook my hand and said their names, I still had trouble remembering more than a few fleeting details about them. But as we caught up on what we had all been doing with our lives one of them said something which absolutely shows how Encourage the Heart resonates—has an often huge impact on the other person, not just in the moment but significantly beyond that.

At least 25 years later he still remembered how I encouraged his heart! Did I remember sending those memos, which he still has? Of course not.

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Some of us might struggle to remember what a 'memo' was But the lessons from that encounter are very clear to me: the impact of what we do and what we say stays with the other person long after that moment has passed and long after the person who said it has gone. Of course I remember even from back then when my own heart was encouraged. What I didn't expect, such a long time later, was that what I'd done to Encourage the Heart of another would still be remembered—and kept. What a gift this former colleague gave me after all those years, telling me that he still remembered what I did.

What a lesson this is for leaders everywhere. What you say and what you do stays behind, like footprints in the sand. As leaders, we have to make sure they're the 'footprints' we want to leave. And, as leaders, we have a choice in that.

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So often the leaders I'm working with struggle to Encourage the Heart for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that others have not encouraged their heart. If only all aspiring leaders could grasp the idea that when you do this, it can resonate in the heart of the other person for such a long time and deliver such great results. Among his many contributions to the TLC community, he helped capture the powerful story of the Ministry of Tourism of Ajman one of the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates into a video case study available on YouTube.

Recently I spoke about leading change in challenging times to a group of child welfare professionals. This leader told me of her renewed commitment to push local government and law enforcement officials to address the growing problem of heroin abuse in her Southeast Indiana community.

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Her passion and the potential impact of her work impressed and humbled me.