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Ebenfalls von ihr erschienen: Katzen-Eskapaden. Wie man mit Katzen überlebt, ohne den Verstand zu verlieren. - Der Fall des Botschafters.
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In: Manifestoes of Surrealism. Richard Seaver and Helen R. Ann Arbor , It is notable, among other things, for his insistence that "surreality is contained in reality itself. Selected Writings. Book 2.

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Breton to Nezval, 14 April Emphasis in the original. Nezval, diary entry, 5 April Czech bilingual edition in Prague on April Breton hailed the London show as "the highest point in the graph of the influence of our movement, a graph which has risen with ever increasing rapidity during recent years.

New York , , He made a point of adding: "We were well 28 received in the communist press. Teige edits the only communist periodical in Czechoslovakia. In every issue there are one or more articles about surrealism.

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But such proto-surrealist elements as we might retrospectively detect in, say, Devetsil's picture-poems or the unfettered wordplay of Nezval's "Pantomima" Pantomime, masked a profound difference of sensibility. Praha ; advertisement in: ReD 2 9, In: Papers of Surrealism No. In: ReD 1 1, Los Angeles , In: ReD 1 9, Dictated by thought, in the absence of any control exercised by reason, exempt from any aesthetic or moral concern.

Prague: Odeon Anonymous author. Toyen's and Styrsky's artificialism, deeply linked to Nezval's poetism, lives in the certainty that the most artificial existence fosters the least Illusion and the greatest happiness. The poetry of colorful games, transfigured, made up, abstract, and of future memories; this is not a passive recording of the subconscious, nor is it astrology or the interpretation of dreams.

It is creation, it is invention, it is a poem: a work, a fact, a fruit of poetic super consciousness. In: ReD 2 1, Philippe Soupault, whom Breton forced out of the Paris 42 Surrealist group at the end of , met Karel Teige during a visit to Prague with the young writer Roger Vailland in April The censors promptly confiscated the book, which was held to be repugnant to public morality.


Soupault and Le Grand Jeu angrily denounced the ban, but Breton remained silent. A CoUection of New Beauty]. The latter was carried in the original French and in Czech translation by Karel Teige as the opening item of the volume. PhD dissertation, University of Pittsburgh , Le Grand Jeu 2 CoUection complete, faesimile reprint. Paris Editions JeanMarcel Place , Paris Reims ReD 3 8, The issue includes a translation of the French group's manifesto.

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In: Le Grand Jeu 3 Praha Edice Teige, Karel: Poetismus [Poetism]. In: Host 3 , The World of Building and Poetry. Studies from the s]. Teige was the Front's first president, though S. Neumann who had by then dutifully returned to the Bolshevik fold would soon replace him. The Generational Discussion ]. Given the recent cultural policies of the Soviet Union, he argued, avant-garde artists who wished to serve the proletarian cause faced a [ It was not a message his Left Front audience would have greatly wanted to hear, but it proved to be uncannily prophetic.

In: Manifestoes of Surrealism cf. Other details in this paragraph are drawn from this same source. Nezval: Ulice Git-le-Coeur 10 cf. The punch-up led to Breton being banned from speaking at the Congress.

After trying unsuccessfully to negotiate a compromise, Crevel closed his Windows 60 on the night of 18 June and turned on his gas oven. Nezval believed that he might have been able to prevent Crevel's suicide had he only listened to Paul Eluard's urgings the evening before and phoned the troubled French 61 poet. Instead, he put off the call until "tomorrow, the next day, whenever," and headed out toward the Porte St. Denis in search of "the obscure rue Blondel, N o. Polizzotti: Revolution of the Mind cf.

Nezval: Ulice Git-le-Coeur cf. Nezval: Ulice Git-le-Coeur 34 cf. Nezval: Ulice Git-le-Coeur 38 cf. See nezval: Ulice Git-le-Coeur cf. In: Surrealismus 1 The Paris surrealists were among the first left-wing intellectuals in Europe to reject Stalinism; this was before the full-frontal Soviet assault on "bourgeois formalism" and the Moscow trials, which respectively began in January and August of the following year.

Clearly he regarded them as important Statements of his position. Nezval was present at the meeting on 2 June. Some slight thing may result in our never meeting again.

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Some trifling mistake may put between us, Standing here, embraced in friendship, a wall as thick as eternity. Some trifling mistake, some insignificant circumstance, may bring it about that we never again form a magical constellation with our embracing eyes. Back in Prague, the Czech surrealists declined to endorse the Parisians' declaration. The next three years witnessed a high tide of surrealism both internationally and in Prague, but Breton's choice of abdications could not be staved off forever.

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Several members of the group could not be consulted. At Toyen's Suggestion, it was agreed that the group would sign the manifesto neither collectively nor as individuals, since "the Paris group was particular about obtaining the unanimous agreement of the whole Czechoslovak Surrealist Group and in no way the individual signatures of several of its members. Nezval to Breton, sometime after 7 September Ewald Osers. Tarset Apollinaire, Guillaume: The Wandering Jew.

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Remy Inglis Hall. Anthology for the Hundredth Anniversary of the Death of K. Praha reprint of Ist ed. The signatories are Biebl, Brouk, E. Partly reproduced from ms. In: Tvorba 13 Paris , , lots and H e r e - a n d arguably o n l y here - Teige actually feels like a Surrealist. William Hollister. In: Analogon 37 I, xiii-xxi. The Czechoslovak Surrealist Group dissolved itself upon their departure. Toyen and Heisler designed two of the "pagan altars" that formed the centerpiece of the first postwar international Surrealist exhibition "Surrealism in ", which opened at the Galerie Maeght in Paris on 7 July Organized by Breton and Marcel Duchamp, the show featured 86 artists from 27 countries, "most of which," as Breton was at pains to point out, "had yesterday formed coalitions against one 90 another.

It was a pale echo of the original. Only twenty artists - fewer than a quarter of those shown at the Galerie Maeght - were exhibited.

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The catalogue was an equally meager offering by comparison with its Parisian counterpart. The Surrealist leader obstinately holds onto the memory of everything the magic capital had once seemed to promise. The sole duty of the poet, of the artist, is to reply with a categorical NO to all disciplinary slogans. The despicable word "engagement" [commitment], which has caught on since the war, exudes a serHeisler joined the Czechoslovak Group in , shortly after the break with Nezval.

In: Free Rein. Michel Parmentier and Jacqueline d'Amboise. Lincoln , Fortunately, the great testimony of mankind, the one that has managed to endure until now, tramples on these petty prohibitions, on those amends qualified how ironie! Am I not right, Jan Hus? Is it so, [Giordano] Bruno? What say you, Jean-Jacques [Rousseau]? In the circumstances, Breton's appeal to the spirits of the past may have reminded his readers - such as they were - of Don Quixote and the windmills.

Breton's last brush with the magic capital is no more than a footnote to the dreams and desires of , but it is an instructive one. He confessed to the trumped-up charges of treason and espionage, as people usually did, and was duly sentenced to death. Breton, by contrast, spent most of the war in the safety of exile in North America. In: Free Rein cf. Mauriac, Claude: Sartre contre Breton. In: Carrefour 10 7, quoted in Polizzotti: Revolution of the Mind cf. Mark Polizzotti. San Francisco , vivii.

One of the "world-shaking events which we shall have the doubtful advantage over many generations of our forebears to 'witness', events pushing us a considerable way forward in the night of the Apocalypse," he writes, is "the repression already weighing on Prague, the magic capital of Europe.