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However, some are best suited for specific streaming apps.

How to download movies from Netflix for offline viewing

The display quality and size will also be big determining factors. The best tablets for watching movies should have an LCD screen with a high resolution. Most tablets range from 7 inches to 10 inches in size. All of these options are top-rated with quality streaming capabilities to match. The Apple iPad is one of the best all-around tablets for watching movies, gaming, and working on the go. It features a 9.

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There are two audio speakers to deliver crisp sound for watching movies or listening to music. Plus, with up to 10 hours of battery life, it won't die just when you get to the good part.

How to download a movie for offline viewing on a computer

It streams movies with ease and does everything one could want for the day to day use. The Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet is one of the best options for watching your favorite movies and television shows, especially if you're devoted to your Amazon Prime.

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This tablet has Prime Video, but you can use popular streaming apps like Netflix and Hulu, too. The tablet can also easily connect to any other Amazon Echo devices. You get a large This tablet has stereo speakers with Dolby Atmos audio for great sound, and the battery life lasts up to 10 hours so you can watch your favorite movies all day long.

If, while downloading movies, other devices on your network are slowing down, videos are buffering, and there's a general sense of lag, configure the download manager to limit the downloads so that they can only use a fraction of all the available bandwidth, like 10 percent or 20 percent. It's also possible that your internet connection simply doesn't support fast downloads.

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You can test your internet speed to make sure you're actually getting what you're paying for. Movies downloaded through torrent websites have a high risk of adding malware to your computer.

Tips for offline Netflix viewing

Make sure your computer is secure with an antivirus program to catch any threats before they can do damage, and always do regular scans to check for malware. In addition to anti-malware software, it's important to educate yourself on how to spot a fake torrent or fake download website.

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Fake movie downloads will attach a nonvideo format file extension like. EXE or.

How to put movies on a portable hard drive to watch anywhere

MSI at the very end of the file to trick you into opening a program instead of a video. Normal video files usually end with. MKV, or. Another component to watch out for when downloading movies is the size of the file. If it's too small, like less than MB, then the video is probably not real.

How to Record Netflix Streaming Videos and Other Un-downloadable Online Videos

It's common to download a movie and then not know how to open it. Some movies are in a file format that no program on your computer knows how to open.

Fortunately, you can pick from plenty of absolutely free video players that will support the movie format. One of the most popular freeware video file players is VLC. Stick to this program if you're ever unsure how to play the movie you've downloaded. Some movie downloads are percent fake and will try to convince you that you have to install their special software program in order to see the video.

They might even start showing the beginning of the movie and then stop and display a message about how you don't have the right program installed.